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Presentation Skills Profile Participant Guide

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Presentation Skills Profile

Communication Skills Training - Presentation Skills Profile

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Speaking in front of others can be a confusing and even terrifying experience for many people. So how can you successfully train your participants, even those with no prior experience, to effectively prepare and deliver presentations?


Until recently, making a presentation was a novel experience for most people - presenting was viewed as an executive activity. Now, as more work is carried out by teams and responsibilty for results is shared more evenly between management and staff, the need to communicate ideas and information is becoming everyone's job.



It is estimated that more than 30 million spoken presentations take place each day across the world. As large as that number sounds, if we consider that it includes presentations, coaching and training sessions, information briefings, public speeches, talks, progress reports, it may be an underestimate.



Recent surveys indicate that the ability to communicate is the most-needed attribute to succeed in today's workplace. In particular many recruitment and human resource specialists believe that a lack of presentation skills can be damaging to career advancement prospects. Whether you present because it is part of your job or you simply wish to share information and ideas with others, the Presentation Skills Profile can help you be a better presenter.

The Presentation Skills Profile (PSP) takes the mystery out of designing and delivering high-impact presentations. Designed to ease the stress associated with public presentations, PSP analyzes how the respondent prepares and delivers presentations, provides for peer feedback on a specific presentation, and then offers a walk-through of preparation and delivery for future presentations.

Learning Outcomes


The Presentation Skills Model at the center of the Presentation Skills Profile shows the influences of the relevant literature on presentation skills, including the work of Holcombe and Stein and others. The model contains the 6 Presentation Questions that help individuals turn lackluster presentations into engaging dialogues with their audiences.

How It Works

The assessment presents 48 statements regarding preparation and delivery of presentations. In scoring the assessment, participants determine their Overall Presentation Effectiveness Score. In addition, participants create a self-profile showing strengths and areas of improvement (relating to the 6 questions of The Presentation Skills Model). Feedback forms submitted by peers provide data to create a second — or “feedback” —profile. Finally, participants complete worksheets for preparing and delivering a future presentation.

Uses for the Presentation Skills Profile

Presentation Skills Profile is designed for use by anyone who is called upon to prepare and deliver presentations. Those who require their audience to agree with a conclusion and/or course of action will gain particular benefit by using the profile. The model upon which the instrument is based may be applied in the following types of presentations:

Presentation Skills Profile can be used to evaluate a specific presentation, measuring progress in preparing and delivering presentations. As with all HRDQ tools, the assessment is effective when used alone or as the centerpiece of a workshop or longer program on presentation skills.

What to Order

Order one Facilitator Guide per facilitator and one Participant Guide per participant and up to 10 Feedback Forms per participant.

Facilitator Guide includes:

Participant Guide includes:

Feedback Form includes:

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