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Selling & Negotiation


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Sales, or the activity of selling, forms an integral part of commercial activity. Mastering sales is considered by many as some sort of persuading "art". On the contrary, the methodological approach of selling, refers to it as a systematic process of repetitive and measurable milestones, by which a salesperson relate his offering enabling the buyer to visualize how to achieve his goal in an economic way. Selling is a practical implementation of marketing, it often forms a separate grouping in a corporate structure, employing separate specialist operatives known as salesmen (singular: salesman or salesperson).


The successful questioning to understand a customers goal, the further creation of a valuable solution by communicating the necessary information that encourages a buyer to achieve his goal at an economic cost is the responsibility of the sales person or the sales engine (e.g. internet, vending machine etc).


The primary function of professional sales is to generate and close leads, educate prospects, fill needs and satisfy wants of consumers appropriately, and therefore turn prospective customers into actual ones.





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The topic of effective sales negotiation has become one of the hottest and most studied areas in business over the last two decades. This interest is due to a number of factors including:

  • Sales transactions are more complex due to the tremendous amount of information available to all negotiating parties.
  • Competitive pressures are at an all-time high and there are ever increasing demands to get maximum performance from the resources available.
  • The pace of doing business has quickened, and with it the time pressure brought to bear on parties involved in negotiations has also increased.

4D Training Resources provides organizations interested in improving selling and negotiation skills with a variety of options:



Resources for Internal Trainers/Facilitators


You're an experienced facilitator and looking for ways to introduce an experiential component to an existing program or you would like to introduce a new program. We have solutions ranging from quick profile assessments to one - three hour workshops or multi-day programs. All assessments and workshops come complete with Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint slides, as well as a Takeaway Participant Guide.



Experienced External Facilitators


You're responsible for developing people within your organization. You see a fit with a specific program or set of programs offered by 4D Training Resources and a desired outcome. Your preference is to bring a facilitator experienced in delivering these programs into your organization.



Custom Course Design


Your charged with identifying opportunities to achieve organziational goals through development of its human resources. You would like to use one of these programs as a foundation for building an internal training intitiative.



If one or more of these options describes your needs, call us at 1-800-257-4916.


Negotiation & Selling Skills - Assessments/Workshops

Off-the-Shelf or Facilitator-led Training


Negotiating Style Profile

Offers a simple framework for determining one’s negotiating style and the likely effect of that style in a negotiating situation. Ultimately, participants will learn to focus on those skills and methods that are likely to produce synergistic outcomes.



Selling Skills Inventory

Perfect for selling situations in which building long-term customer relationships is critical to the selling process. Not only does this instrument measure aptitude, it also outlines a collaborative, step-by-step sales model your reps can put to immediate use.


What's My Selling Style? Assessment

Helps individuals analyze how they typically behave in a sales situation, identify their customers’ styles, and learn how to flex their own style to match their customer.




Dealing With Tough Negotiators Assessment

Dealing With Tough Negotiators Assessment

A 30-item assessment that helps respondents identify their areas of strength and weakness in 5 key negotiating skill areas: Maintaining Composure, Developing Data, Refocusing the Discussion, Being Creative, and Handling Information Strategically.


NegotiatingSuccess Program

NegotiatingSuccess Program

Many of us negotiate every day, both in business and personal interactions. All of these negotiations involve 2 critical factors: the outcome and the relationship that exists between the negotiators. In an increasingly fast-paced and competitive marketplace, we can’t afford to jeopardize either. For building the skill set needed to foster partnerships and achieve favorable agreements, NegotiatingSuccess™ is the solution.


Negotiating Win-Win Solutions Program

When it comes to negotiating, being “nice” doesn’t have to mean losing — or being the only one to benefit, either. In a world where we’ve been trained and rewarded to compete and win, the Negotiating Win-Win Solutions program attempts to reverse the win-lose perspective and provide a problem-solving approach to negotiation that helps each person involved in the negotiation to walk away feeling like a winner.






Sales Training Activities

Sales training isn't just for sales reps anymore — customer service and other support staff can also benefit from developing selling skills! Support all of your sales training needs with Sales Training Activities, a mix of over 80 ice breakers, role plays, games, and exercises that are the perfect addition to any type of sales training.









Download - Customize - Reproduce
Affordable Materials for Soft Skills Training

Complete training materials in a customizable, reproducible file format. Introducing the Reproducible Training Resource Library, a collection of customizable and reproducible programs. Each program comes ready to train, complete with a Participant Guide, Facilitator Guide, and PowerPoint® presentation. Titles are half to full-day programs on the topics you need to deliver today. The simple click-thru license agreement allows you to use the content within your organization on an unlimited basis.


Buy any individual program for $399 or all 80 programs for $7,500. Learn more about these Reproducible Training Programs or call 1-800-257-4916 to order.



Successful Selling Skills and Strategies (1/2 Day Program)

This results-oriented program shows you how to integrate customer focus throughout the sales process by learning to apply a consultative system of selling.



Sales Presentation Skills (1 Day Program)

You'll learn how to gain information and insights about a prospective buyer in order to develop a presentation that addresses specific needs, buying criteria and motivators; heighten interest, attention and retention of prospects by injecting creativity into your sales presentation; and increase the impact of your presentation by being ready to overcome objections and gaining buy-in more easily.


Getting to Yes: Successful Sales Negotiation (1/2 Day Program)

Learn to identify negotiation styles in yourself and others, and how to use negotiation during the sales process to get to "yes". Through skill building exercises and role play, you will learn how to plan and conduct effective negotiations, to respond to difficult questions and obstacles, and finally, close the deal.


Effective Negotiation Skills (1 Day Program)

This program helps you identify and analyze your needs and expectations in negotiation. It teaches you how to successfully get you from where you are to where you want to be with negotiable proposals and mutually beneficial counterproposals.