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Working Through Organizational Change - Facilitator Kit

Includes: Facilitator Guide, Reusable facilitator support materials to train up to 21 participants at one time, Tote bag

Price: $302.00


Working Through Organizational Change - Participant Guide

Includes: Two learning instruments Business simulation activity Pressure-sensitive response forms Interpretation of instrument results Self-reflection questions Action planning

Price: $86.00



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Working Through Organizational Change Program

Working through Organizational Change

In-House TrainingOff the shelf training materials


Everyone has a reaction to change, whether the change is organization wide or specific to individual departments or employees. The more we know about the process of change, the better equipped we are to take steps toward the acceptance of change and adapt to it in our work and our lives.

Working Through Organizational Change helps those in your organization make a conscious effort to support the changes they encounter. Complete and ready-to-train, the program covers all aspects of change. Through the use of learning instruments, activities, discussion exercises, and a simulation, participants learn about and practice the skills that will enable them to deal with change more effectively.

Learning Outcomes


Combining a wide range of learning tools, Working Through Organizational Change is based on a theory of individual response to change, the 5 stages of grief identified by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the 5 basic actions designed to help employees take charge of their reactions to change, and a model for improving communication in times of organizational stress.

How It Works

Working Through Organizational Change gives participants a well-rounded learning experience, balancing facilitator instruction with private reflection and group interaction. Through the combination of HRDQ learning instruments, a business simulation, and small-group activities, participants learn how they can better adapt to change.

Uses for the Program 

Working Through Organizational Change is appropriate for anyone in an organization that has undergone or is undergoing change. The program's flexible training design allows facilitators to present Working Through Organizational Change in one day or 2 half-days, or combine the program with other training sessions to create an expanded learning experience.

What to Order

To get started, order 1 Facilitator Kit per trainer and 1 Participant Guide per participant.

Facilitator Kit includes:

Facilitator Guide includes:
Participant Guide includes:
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These programs come ready-to-deliver and include a Facilitator's Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint presentation or register for an in-house session.













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