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Leading Change at Every Level - Starter Kit

Facilitator Guide and 5 Print Participant Guides

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Leading Change at Every Level - Participant Guide

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Leading Change - Facilitator Guide

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Leading Change at Every Level

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Whether you’re in the midst of a change effort or just planning one, you'll need Leading Change at Every Level. This diagnostic tool helps drive home the importance of individual behavior to the success of an overall change effort.

A 30-item assessment, Leading Change at Every Level is an excellent way to gently surface behaviors that are counterproductive to change, generating scores in 5 dimensions: Modeling the Change, Communicating About the Change, Involving Others in the Change, Helping Others Break from the Past, and Creating a Supportive Environment for the Change.

Learning Outcomes


Leading Change at Every Level is based on dimensions drawn from relevant literature on change, including both the emerging work on leading change at lower levels and the now classic work on CEO-led change.

Using a change for which they are currently responsible as a reference, participants complete the 30-item assessment. After indicating how true they find each statement, individuals generate an Overall Effectiveness Score for leading change. Sub scores measure effectiveness in each of the 5 Dimensions of Leading Change. Next, participants learn about the dimensions and how to
interpret their scores in these areas. Finally, questions regarding each dimension prompt participants to plan for improvement.

Uses for Leading Change at Every Level

Leading Change at Every Level is effective when used as a stand-alone instrument as well as a component in any change management program. The tool is ideal for employees who:

What to Order

Order one Facilitator Guide per facilitator and one Participant Guide per participant.

Facilitator Guide includes:

   Participant Guide includes:

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These programs comes ready-to-deliver and include a Facilitator's Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint presentation or register for an in-house session.


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