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Swamped - Starter Kit

Facilitator Guide and 5 Print Participant Guides

Price: $169.00


Swamped - Participant Guide

1 Print Participant Guide

Price: $11.75


Swamped - Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide

Price: $116.00


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Swamped - Team Adventure Simulation


Teach the concept of team synergy with Swamped, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on managing group conflict and consensus decision making. By comparing individual solutions to solutions reached by the group, participants experience first-hand the advantages of working as a team.

The Scenario
Deep in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, your group is paddling across scenic Lake McEwen in three canoes. Suddenly it begins to rain — and as the wind reaches gale force, your canoes capsize. You’re swamped — and your troubles are just beginning!

One of our best-selling simulations, Swamped was born out of extensive research and the input of Jim Roadcap, an experienced canoeist, wilderness camper, survival skills trainer, and Boy Scout leader.

Learning Outcomes
A true-to-life adventure tested out in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) by a group of experts, the Swamped simulation demonstrates the concept of team synergy — the belief that decisions made by groups are better than decisions made by individuals acting alone (Michaelson, Watson, & Black, 1989). Groups bring a greater sum total of knowledge and information to the discussion of a problem, as well as a greater number of approaches and perspectives. Swamped can also demonstrate “process loss.” This phenomenon occurs when a knowledgeable group member outperforms the group, indicating that the member’s knowledge was lost sometime during the group discussion. In order for group decision making to work, unique information must be shared and absorbed by the group (Stasser, 1992).

How It Works
This realistic roundtable simulation challenges groups to rank 10 salvaged items — first as individuals, and then as a team. First, as the facilitator, you’ll introduce the adventure scenario. Participants will then rank the 10 items on their own, using pressure-sensitive scoring forms. Next, each team conducts the same ranking process as a unit. Finally, you’ll lead the participants into a group action planning discussion, providing the team with the opportunity to apply the learning to the workplace.

Uses for Swamped

What to Order/Product Contents

Order one Facilitator Guide per trainer and one Participant Guide per team member.
Note: Swamped works best when participants are divided into teams of seven or fewer per table.

   Facilitator Guide includes:

   Participant Guide includes:






















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