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Managing Managers

1 Day Program

Price: $399.00


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Managing Managers (1 Day Program)

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Why a program about managing managers? What is it that's difficult? #1: Balancing daily tasks with long-term strategic thinking. If you have managers reporting to you, lots of their "stuff" ends up being "fires" for you to put out. #2: Your direct reports may manage a wide variety of functions, and it's difficult for you to create a sense of unity and cohesiveness for your entire group. #3: If you're typical of most mid-level managers (and of most people!), you would just as soon ignore sticky situations such as dealing with difficult people. In fact, you may even back away. Managing managers takes courage, and in this course we give you a simple, but effective two-pronged approach focusing on developing your business strategy, while also improving your leadership skills.


The Reproducible Program Library comes in half-day to multi-day formats. Select the individual titles you need, choose from pre-selected topic series, or purchase the entire collection to own the ultimate training library. Each program comes ready to train with printable Participant Guides, an easy-to-use Facilitator Guide, and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Most programs include additional content such as quick reference cards. That's not all - they're fully customizable, so you can add your company brand, tailor the content to your specific industry or organizational needs, and print on demand.



















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