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Outback - Team Adventure Simulation

Outback is a team simulation for management development training. Team members learn and practice the group process skills needed to achieve synergy, including problem solving, consensus decision making, and conflict resolution.

When it comes to synergistic teams, the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. This is why most, if not all, organizations today look to teams to make important decisions, strategize, and solve problems. But in order to achieve peak performance, teams must be able to maximize a collaborative approach.
Part of the ever popular HRDQ Team Adventure Series, Outback is a survival-based classroom training exercise that provides a safe, non-threatening means for teams to practice and develop the group process skills they need to reach synergy. The simulation challenges teams to work together to overcome a disaster scenario by engaging effective methods of decision-making, communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Outback makes an especially effective training exercise for management teams.
The Scenario
One morning a group of friends decide to take a daring hike in the Australian outback – without a guide. Now, after following a herd of beautiful wild ponies for more than an hour, the sight of any recognizable trail is lost. Every tree, shrub, and patch of ground looks exactly the same, and now they’re officially lost in the Australian bush! It could be days before the group is found. With only daypack supplies and dressed in khakis, t-shirts, hats, and hiking boots, the group must find a way to organize itself into a team and find a way to survive the elements. 
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Learning Outcomes
Theory and Development
An unforgettable trip to the wilds of Australia brought about the idea for Outback, a survival simulation that demonstrates “team synergy” — the belief that decisions made by groups are better than decisions made by individuals acting alone (Michaelson, Watson, & Black, 1989). Groups bring a greater sum total of knowledge and information to the discussion of a problem, as well as a greater number of approaches and perspectives. The simulation can also demonstrate “process loss.” This phenomenon occurs when a knowledgeable group member outperforms the group, indicating that the member’s knowledge was lost sometime during the group discussion. In order for group decision making to work, unique information must be shared and absorbed by the group (Stasser, 1992).

Uses for the Simulation
Outback can be used as a standalone training instrument, or it can be incorporated into a more comprehensive program on teambuilding. It also makes an effective component in training programs for a variety of topics such as problem solving and decision making.
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